Sunrise offers extracurricular courses and comprehensive curriculum for schools seeking academic content to use in day-to-day teaching.


Our classroom-ready content provides teachers with the academic framework and supplementary components to help elevate extracurricular education in schools to a whole new level. Each course package may include but is not limited to the fundamental curriculum, lesson plans, practical exercises, interactive activities, project ideas, and others. We supply all the necessary tools and resources required to deliver a better learning experience, so teachers can worry less about course design and focus more on adjusting for individual student needs. At Sunrise, we believe it’s important to provide the best content for instruction, so all teachers are better equipped to catalyze direct student engagement.

Sunrise also hosts various workshops that engage students with dynamic instructors who are not only experienced educators but also experts of their respective fields. Our workshops are interactive, thereby fostering a proactive learning environment that extends beyond what regular lectures can offer.