“The problems with traditional models of secondary education are twofold—firstly that students have little to no control over the curriculum by which they are taught, and secondly that what is taught in the classroom has little to no direct application in the business world. Extracurricular activities solve these problems in an exceptionally elegant way.”

— Andrew Choi, Princeton '14

“Debate has impacted my worldview in a very significant way. Now I can confidently say that: not only am I a Chinese citizen, but also an internationally minded citizen of this world.”

— Gao Wenbin, (Full Scholarship Recipient) Yale '17

“I truly believe that debate changed my life and helped me get to where I am today. Debate not only improved my research, public speaking and critical thinking skills, but also taught me the value of team-work, sportsmanship and being open-minded.”

— Lan Tianxing, (Full Scholarship Recipient) Harvard '17

“Taking on leadership positions in high school gave me a platform where I could practice key skills such as networking and public speaking, which in turn have helped me meet valuable mentors and find internship opportunities.”

— George Song, UPenn Wharton '16

“I never knew what I was missing until I discovered debate. The past year has truly been an amazing time for me. I have made amazing progress both in competition and in school.”

— Wang Yanbing

“I was always shy in school and never had the confidence to speak. Now I know that confidence is not something we are born with, but something that we must learn.”

— Li Jingwei

“Maturity. Knowledge. Friends. These are the things I have gained from my short time in tournaments. Although I was not the top competitor, I have no regrets about my experience. It was the most fun I had in high school and I wish I could do it all over again.”

— Wu Jun

“I feel like I can now see things from different perspectives. I have learned to respect others’ opinions and use their ideas to build my own outlook on various subject matter.”

— Tang Linyuan