We are continually recruiting current undergraduates, recent graduates and people with substantial work experience for our programs.

Sunrise provides several unique opportunities for both college students and graduates to engage with the world: live abroad, mentor young minds and make a social impact. It's the chance to be on the cutting edge of education reform, pioneering new approaches towards education and social change through extracurriculars. 




Academic Fellowships (Debate)

  • For college graduates who are native English speakers. Details appear below in the "fellowship" section.
  • Preferred start date range: January 15 - March 1, 2018

Academic Fellowship (Business and Finance)

  • For college graduates who are native English speakers. Details appear below in the "fellowship" section.
  • Preferred start date: January 15, 2018 or January 29, 2018

Academic Fellowship (Computer Science and Robotics)

  • For college graduates who are native English speakers. Details appear below in the "fellowship" section.
  • Preferred start date range: flexible

Junior Fellowship (Debate)

  • For high school grads or college students. Details appear in the "junior fellowship" section below. 
  • Preferred start date: January 15, 2018, or February 26, 2018 

Junior Fellowship (Business and Finance)

  • For high school grads or college students. Details appear in the "junior fellowship" section below.
  • Preferred start date: January 8, 2018, or February 26, 2018

Academic Associate

  • For college students or recent graduates who are native Chinese speakers. Details appear in the "Additional Openings" section below.
  • Preferred start date: January 8, 2018, or February 26, 2018

If you are interested in any of the roles above, please email or see below for more details about fellowships.




A one-year position, with possible extension, for college graduates based out of our Beijing headquarters. For those who love to travel, enjoy working with young people, and are looking for an adventure.

Sunrise Academic Fellows have substantial responsibility within our organization. Fellows specialize in teaching and managing one of our student communities. Sunrise currently operates nation-wide competitive leagues for Debate, Business Simulation, Model United Nations, Robotics, and Drama; we look for candidates with competitive or coaching experience in one of these fields.

Many of our fellows have gone on to be permanent members of staff. Some of our former fellows have gone onto work at prestigious organizations like the Financial Times, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the Council on Foreign Relations, while other have gone onto attend various graduate programs at Yale, Columbia, Tsinghua, and Peking University.


The Fellowship offers the opportunity to travel all over China, from bustling metropolises like Shanghai and Guangzhou, to more rural provinces that offer a window into the vast cultural and culinary diversity of China. During our competition season, our team travels to a different city almost every week, meeting thousands of students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Responsibilities vary between individuals as each person has a different role depending on the company's needs and the Fellow's skills and interests. All Fellows do the following:

  • Travel around China to run free training workshops

  • Teaching our best and most dedicated students at summer and winter camps in Beijing, Shanghai, and the United States.

  • Running competitions, overseeing event preparations and working closely with both foreign colleagues and local Chinese staff. 

  • Developing curricular materials, website content, and blog posts. More senior staff are entrusted with developing new leagues and competitions, ranging from the design of competitions to composing competition academic materials. (For example, Debate Fellows help decide topics and publish topic analysis; Business Simulation Fellows develop business cases and business-related simulations and challenges).

We are looking for intelligent and driven people who are capable of organizing events and their own academic projects, managing multiple demands on their time and working well under pressure. The Fellowship might be a fit for you if:

  • You have (or will have by the time you join us) a college degree.
  • You have teaching experience or prior competitive success in relevant extracurricular activities; 
  • You are a native English speaker;
  • You enjoy travelling and would like to travel around Mainland China and East Asia;
  • You have experience or interest in organizing large events, public speaking and writing;
  • And most importantly, you have enthusiasm for teaching and innovation.

Knowledge of Chinese language and culture is not essential. While a pre-existing knowledge is always useful, most of our current academic staff spoke no Chinese upon arriving in China.

Compensation includes housing in Beijing, health insurance, a salary commensurate with experience, and an annual bonus. 

Click here to apply (or see the embedded form below).


Junior Fellowship

Junior Fellowship


Junior fellow is a position at our Beijing Headquarters for recent high school graduates and current college students. The Junior Fellowship is generally semester-long, centered around either our spring or fall tournament seasons, and has a possibility of extension. The fellowship is open to league alumni: students taking gap year before college, during college, or high school seniors who are able to work full time after college application.

As a junior fellow, you will be given experiences and responsibilities that position you as an exceptional, international contender in your future ambitions. You will be immersed in the bilingual, bicultural environment of our organization. You will see cities all over China, be part of the management team for our tournaments, assume responsibility for creating or editing publicly-distributed academic materials, and learn relationship management and sales skills. You will also become a mentor to younger students, sharing your story and helping to shape your generation’s experience of extracurricular learning.

There are a variety of roles within Sunrise International Education, allowing for people with many different talents and creating opportunities for specialization. Junior fellows can expect the following core responsibilities:

  • Administering regional tournaments throughout China under the supervision of our expert academic staff
  • Conducting academic research
  • Translating academic materials
  • Recruiting and training judges
  • Teaching at our winter and summer programs
  • Building and strengthening relationships with student communities

We are looking for intelligent and driven people who are capable of organizing events and their own projects, managing multiple demands on their time and working well under pressure.

Candidates must:

  • Be of legal employment age and obtain written approval from their parents or guardians;
  • Have competitive success in league activities;
  • Be fluent in English and Mandarin.

We strongly prefer candidates who:

  • Have leadership experience in student organizations;
  • And most importantly, enthusiasm to explore new things.

Where Will You Go?



With over 400 member schools and more than 200 competition events each year, fellows will experience China and Asia like never before: from bustling cities to snow kingdoms and tropical islands.  


Ready for Your Journey?

Ready for Your Journey?


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Additional Openings

Opportunities Available in Beijing, China

Additional Openings

Opportunities Available in Beijing, China

Academic Associate

Key Responsibilities

  • Serving as an in-house translator, primarily translating high-school-level academic materials from English to Mandarin.
  • Help manage events in 15+ cities per year around Mainland China by coordinating travel, accomodation, printed materials, and communications with venues and host schools. 
  • Assisting the Academic Department in conducting judge and volunteer outreach for each event.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Native proficiency in spoken and written Mandarin
  • Advanced spoken and written English. 
  • Excellent communication skills over phone and email.
  • High level of personal responsibility and punctuality.
  • Willingness to travel on weekends (with rest days made up the week following).
  • Ability to respond calmly and effectively to high-stress situations. 
  • Preferred but Not Required:
  • Formal training or professional experience in education, event management, or translation
  • Prior experience in debate, business case analysis, Model United Nations, acting, or robotics competitions. 

To apply, please submit an English C.V. and English-language writing sample to