Why do Extracurricular Activities? 

For students to be successful in the future they require the skills to approach new problems, develop their own solutions, and lead teams. As a result many of our students have been awarded positions and scholarships at top international universities as a result of their extracurricular successes. 


Our Activities

Debate allows students to discuss important issues in a competitive setting. Debaters give speeches delivering arguments for a position and engage with debaters on the opposing side of the argument. They learn the skills of researching and presenting complex information in a compelling way and responding to questions, arguments and attacks.

Youth Business:
Youth business simulates how top managers make decisions in multinational companies. It uses a combination of case analysis and business simulations to develop skills in finance, operations, management and strategy, through competitive team based activities. 

In drama students acquire the skills of dramatic performance: physicality, motivation, and nuance of character.  Students learn to perform confidently in front of crowds, interpret and analyze texts in English, and collaborate with one another. 

Model United Nations: 
MUN allows students to learn about international relations by taking on the roles of diplomats, ambassadors, and world leaders. Students are faced with a crisis and work together in a microcosm of the structure of the UN to come up with detailed and research based solutions.  

STEM includes a variety of different activities that challenge students to cultivate their interests and explore single or multiple fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students build robots, conduct their own research and develop valuable problem solving skills.