At Sunrise, we have real relationships with our students—we mentor them, watch them grow and succeed. We value true connections and know how to create genuine engagement.

Student Engagement is more than just accruing multiple touch points. Genuine outreach involves being at quality events which associate your brand or institution with excellence. Sunrise offers our partners this opportunity through SIE Connection. By sponsoring our events, we give universities and institutions access to some of China and East Asia's brightest students competing in high stakes extracurricular activity competitions like debate, drama, Model UN, and business simulation. 

Sunrise is also proud to keep you in constant reach of interested students through its multiple online channels. Students interested in admission or in more information about partners can reach Sunrise through our social networks and outreach e-mail servers. You can rest assured that individual students will not only get to know you but that they can also establish meaningful relationships for their future academic plans. To learn more about Sunrise student engagement, please click here